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4854 Main Avenue
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 989-1826

Year-round Hours

7 days a week: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Offering horseback trail rides, riding lessons, and horse boarding just a short drive from Sacramento!

We are available for reservations year-round! If the office isn't open, give us a call and leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Due to the popularity of our scenic trail rides and lessons, reservations should be made at least one day in advance of your anticipated ride date. We try to accommodate same day riders when we can, but most of the time we are booked well in advance.

Remember, reservations must be made at least one day in advance of your anticipated ride date! RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY PHONE OR IN PERSON. We do not do reservations by e-mail.

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Sacramento Horse Boarding, Riding Lessons, and Trail Rides - Boarding
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We are an ideal horse barn if you are looking for a great, laid-back place to trail ride and make new friends. We have very active, fun boarders and it is always easy to find someone looking to go for a ride. We like to play together too and have BBQs and play-days planned for the coming months. We specialize in helping new horse owners get going safely. Have a question? Just ask! :)

Boarding Features

  • We have two types of paddocks available: (*prices are subject to change)
    • Regular Paddocks - $320/month
      • 24' x 24', partially covered
    • Premium Paddocks - $385/month
      • 24' x 24' with attached 12' x 12' shelter
  • We feed hay twice a day
  • Paddocks are cleaned daily
  • Access to:
    • Miles and miles of beautiful state park trails you can vary so you always have a new adventure (including beautiful views of Lake Natoma, Folsom Lake, and the American River)
    • Immediate trail access (not “down the road” or a “short trailer ride away” but actually at the fence line!)
    • 100' x 200' Primary Arena (with lights for evening workouts)
    • Secondary Sand Arena
    • Round pen
    • Two wash racks and cross ties
    • Locking communal tack storage (3 different sheds)
  • Staff on site 24 hours to insure the safety of your horse


Monthly Services
(These can be added to monthly boarding fees to create your own boarding “package or plan”)
Service Monthly Cost Your Total
Boarding in a traditional 24x24 paddock being fed alfalfa $320.00
Boarding in a premium paddock $385.00
Horse fed exclusively grass hay** Add $25
1 additional flake, Alfalfa, Daily** Add $35
2 additional flakes, Alfalfa, Daily** Add $70
1 additional flake, Grass, Daily** Add $45
2 additional flakes, Grass, Daily** Add $90
Horses on exclusively pellets** Add $50
Half bucket of pellets to supplement** Add $35
Daily graining with pre-bagged grain provided by owner* Add $20
Arena Turn Out, 1x/week Add $20
Arena Turn Out, 2x/week Add $40
* To be fed to the horse, grains, pellets and supplements must be portioned out and bagged by the owner in daily ratios to be fed to the horse. It is the owner's responsibility to provide a tub for storing the bags and there are enough bags for each daily ration. Stable staff is not responsible for notifying the owner when supplements or grain have run out.
** Subject to change with market fluctuations.

Special Services
(These can be added as needed and are paid separate from regular boarding fees)
Service Fee To Be Paid
Medication $5/day Per Occurrence (can be set for multiple times during a day or week)
Holding for Professional
(vet, farrier, dental practitioner, etc.)
Service provided by appointment or extreme emergency only.
$25/hr Per Occurrence
Vacation Care:
  1. Groomed with owner-provided brushes
  2. Hooves cleaned
  3. Fly sprayed (when applicable)
  4. Turned out into arena to play
$15 Per Occurrence (can be set for multiple times during a week)
Emergency Trailering to Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic $60 Per Occurrence
Emergency Trailering to Davis Veterinary Hospital $85. Per Occurrence

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